Earthworks Analysis





3D Analysis and digital terrain modelling (DTM)

Flume's data-driven approach streamlines excavation work and costs associated with off-site disposal. We utilise state-of-the-art 3D Analysis and Volumetric Cut/Fill Analysis techniques, which are instrumental in achieving precise and efficient outcomes for construction and land development projects.

3D typographic river flooding map


volumetric cut/fill analysis

We employ the latest engineering software to minimise excavation requirements, optimise site grading, and deliver cost savings. Utilising the DTM generated through 3D analysis, we can calculate the volume of material required for excavation (cut) or addition (fill) to achieve the desired site grades and contours. This analysis is pivotal for material optimisation, waste reduction, and cost savings.

Our team considers soil types, compaction factors, and engineering specifications to ensure efficient and environmentally responsible cut/fill operations, optimising the design to achieve a 'net-neutral' result. By integrating 3D analysis with volumetric cut/fill analysis, we enhance excavation efficiency, streamline project schedules, and reduce environmental impact, offering efficient and sustainable Earthworks solutions. Get in touch with us to explore how our approach can benefit your project.

We also provide consulting engineering services, and our specialist flood risk consultants can unlock developments which reside in the Flood Zone.



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