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Drainage Design Services from Planning to Construction

Our drainage strategies prioritise sustainability while ensuring safe surface water discharge, assessing the drainage requirements while considering local guidelines and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Our comprehensive drainage design services meets all industry standards and adhere to building regulations, Sewers for Adoption guidelines, local flood authority recommendations, and the CIRIA SuDS Manual. Our drainage engineers evaluate the management of surface and foul water and determine if upgrades to the public sewer network are necessary. Our drainage assessments will also integrate findings from the approved Flood Risk Assessments and drainage strategy guidance.

Drainage pipe installation in ground.


Preliminary Drainage Strategies

Before development, we can prepare preliminary drainage strategies that include:

  • Assessing existing drainage infrastructure
  • Calculating stormwater run-off from Greenfield and developed sites
  • Designing stormwater storage solutions and flood compensation works
  • Implementing sustainable drainage techniques


Detailed Design of Drainage Networks

Our expertise extends to designing detailed domestic and mains drainage networks for foul and stormwater flow. This involves:

  • Determining flow rates and outfall points for new developments
  • Evaluating existing drainage system capacity
  • Designing drainage layouts with precision
  • Hydraulic analysis and simulation modelling using cutting-edge software
  • Stormwater flow attenuation measures and simulation modelling
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems in compliance with the Flood and Waters Management Act 2010




Sewer Adoptions and Requisitions

We handle sewer adoptions and requisitions ensuring all detailed drainage schedules, plans, and sections meet all construction requirements and technical approval standards. Our work aligns with Building Regulations and Section 104 of the Water Industry Act 1991.

Drainage planning computer software on laptop

Advanced Design Tools

To facilitate our design and assessments, we employ AutoCAD-based 3D modelling software and the latest hydraulic design and analysis programs. This enables us to deliver comprehensive drainage schemes tailored for construction purposes.

Our domestic drainage systems are designed to meet current Building Regulations, with capacity checks and optimal design for pipe depth and gradient. All main drainage systems aligns with the Sewers For Adoption 7th Edition, and we provide modelling data to demonstrate their performance under normal conditions and during severe flood events.

Section 104 and 106 (Water Industry Act) Agreements

Our detailed drainage design will also ensure that the proposed drainage systems, including foul and surface water, meet the required standards and are suitable for adoption by the relevant water authority. Our drainage engineers will guide you through the Section 104 Agreement process, ensuring compliance and facilitating a smooth transition for your drainage infrastructure into the public network.

Whether you're dealing with sewer connections or water supply infrastructure, our engineers and specialist flood risk consultants have the expertise to assist you in negotiating, planning, and executing Section 104 and 106 Agreements efficiently, ensuring your projects align with regulatory requirements and industry standards.



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